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Aachen Colloquium 2020

The Aachen Colloquium took place between October 5 - 7, as a virtual conference. Reflecting on the growing trend of environmentally friendly mobility, the new title is Sustainable Mobility, and we participated with a virtual booth as well as two presentations.



Unlimited Clean Mobility – Emission Management for EU 7 and China 7 Powertrain Concepts

Often, discussions and calculations of COemissions are based on a tank-to-wheel view. This means that emissions resulting from the production and recycling of vehicles, batteries, fuels and electricity are not considered. If considered, the carddle-to-grave comparison of different powertrains is put into perspective, depending on the COemissions of the powerplant mix.

48V HighPower Much More Than a Mild Hybrid

Besides purely electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles will play an important role in reducing COemissions. So far, high costs and system effects on existing powertrains have prevented the large-scale adoption of these systems. By increasing the peak power output to 30 kW, our 48V HighPower system enables full hybrid functions based on 48V technology.

Vitesco Technologies' 48V HighPower Demo Car

The innovative 48V technology combines clean mobility with cost efficiency.
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The 48V HighPower electric drive facilitates a full hybrid based on 48V technology.
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