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Press release

CONTINENTAL Press release Q3 2020: LINK AnD Background information

  • Vitesco Technologies benefits from increasing electrification demand
  • Vitesco Technologies wins major order for its high-voltage box

High-Voltage Box

Vitesco Technologies

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Information on the high-voltage box

The high-voltage box is the highly integrated battery charger and power supply control center on board of the electric car. As a highly integrated transformer in the electric car, it combines three functions:

  1. Charging the vehicle battery at an AC charging point (such as public and private charging stations).
  2. Delivering the necessary 12-volt power requirement in the vehicle electrical system – for functions such as lighting, vehicle electronics and in-car connectivity, for example.
  3. DC charging: If a charging current with a voltage of up to 800 volts is supplied to the car at a rapid charging station, the High Voltage Box ensures safe transmission of the charging current to the high-capacity battery. The High Voltage Box also provides the high-voltage power supply from the battery to the electric drive.


Advantages for the driver:

  • Covers all common charging options (quick charging, wallbox, public, private).


Advantages for the OEM:

  • Integrated electronics save wiring, integration effort, installation space and costs.
  • Coverage of global charging standards and power grids.
The intention of the high-voltage box is to combine different functions like charging, low-voltage DC/DC and power distribution.
The high-voltage box of Vitesco Technologies.
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Integrated electric axle drive

Vitesco Technologies

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The fully integrated electric axle drive (EMR3) integrates a powerful electric motor, reducer and highly optimized power electronics in a compact and lightweight unit. It is manufactured at the Vitesco Technologies site in Tianjin, China, for the electric vehicle volume market.
The fully integrated electric axle drive helps to make electric mobility more affordable.
© Vitesco Technologies

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