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CTI Symposium 2020

The CTI Symposium Germany took place from December 8-9, 2020.


Novel E-Machine Design Using Magnetic Asymmetry for a Magnet-Free Axle Drive 

In the automotive industry looks always for e-motors with high power density and efficiency combined with low cost and efficient manufacturing. Motors with rare-earth magnets are most commonly used today as traction motors in electric vehicles. However, the use of these magnets brings many environmental and economic disadvantages.
The wound field synchronous machine has proven to be a competitive alternative to these permanently excited synchronous machines. Especially in combination with a magnetic asymmetry, the performance and the production efficiency can be improved enormously.
AI and Data Analytics for the Product Development of 48V Electric Drives

The appearance of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics change the methods and processes in the development of powertrain components. These technologies improve or even replace classical development methods. AI helps in a lot of tasks during the product development process in order to optimize the desired product regarding various development goals like costs or quality. This paper shows how we use AI approaches for the development and optimization of 48V electric drives in several steps of the development process.