Exhaust gas after-treatment

Exhaust gas after-treatment

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Exhaust gas after-treatment.

Our system expertise in effective exhaust gas after-treatment

Systemic thinking is required for a clean solution. With the right combination of a combustion system, electrification, and exhaust gas after-treatment, the strengths of all three elements can complement each other and compensate for the weaknesses of the other systems. For example, an electrically heated catalytic converter in a hybrid vehicle ensures that exhaust gas cleaning is activated immediately after the cooled combustion engine is restarted – or even if the engine is idle for a long time. The following also applies to exhaust gas after-treatment: only the bundling of know-how in the field of clean energy – materials, processes, innovative designs, and cost-effective production – with know-how in sensors and actuators, engine control units, and energy management provides the best results. It is a task that requires system expertise. Vitesco Technologies offers a diverse portfolio of solutions as the basis for particularly effective exhaust gas after-treatment.

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