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    • “Golden Steering Wheel 2020” for the new Opel Corsa-e with Vitesco Technologies electric drive.
    • The Peugeot e-208 with the same drive system had already been named “Britain’s Best Electric Car 2020”.
    • In both cases, the jury identified the cars’ drive system as a major factor in their success.

    The first highly integrated electric axle drive system enters volume production in China and Europe.
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    The fully integrated electric axle drive integrates a powerful electric motor, reducer and highly optimized power electronics in a compact and lightweight unit.
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    The stator with its twisted I-pins (winding heads) is, together with the rotor, one of the two main components of the motor of the Integrated Axle Drive EMR3 from Vitesco Technologies. The product was developed in Berlin and Nuremberg as well as in Shanghai and Tianjin.
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    Fine balancing of the EMR3 rotor: Since the motor runs at very high speeds, this step is of central importance for the integrated axle drive.
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    The axle drive EMR3 is manufactured at the Vitesco Technologies site in Tianjin (China) for the volume market.
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    Prototype of the Integrated Axle Drive (EMR3) from Vitesco Technologies: This picture shows how the connection current rails of the stator are brazed.
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