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    • Vitesco Technologies actively shapes electrification
    • Highly integrated control module in the hybrid transmission ensures maximum efficiency
    • Innovation used in numerous high-volume VW car models

    The VW corporation has announced that it will introduce around 30 plug-in hybrid models across all of its brands by 2025. In most of these vehicles, the transmission control unit from Vitesco Technologies will be on board.
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    The transmission control unit developed by Vitesco Technologies assumes the tasks of controlling and cooling the transmission system. Vitesco Technologies was the first company to implement this highly integrated control method.
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    Back in 2013, as a long-standing Volkswagen partner, the company already developed the transmission control unit for the VW Golf plug-in hybrid, the manufacturer’s first model with a drive of this kind. In addition to the new Golf, VW now also offers the Passat with a plug-in hybrid drive.
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