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    • Optimum use of electrification with electrical catalyst heating
    • Vitesco Technologies enters high-voltage vehicles with proven EMICAT solution¬†
    • Crucial technology to avoid cold engine start emissions
    • New, highly efficient electronics (DC/DC converter) supplies electricity to catalyst heating discs, with the result that emissions are converted immediately
    • The electrical heating technology is already successfully used in 12- / 48-volt hybrids

    Thanks to a new DC/DC converter, the heating discs of the electrically heated EMICAT catalyst can now also be supplied with electricity in high-voltage vehicles. This enables an additional option for electrification to the market.
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    The perfect combination of Vitesco Technologies’ tried-and-tested EMICAT heated catalyst and the new DC/DC converter reduces real emissions in critical situations.
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    The innovative e-catalyst enables lowest emissions in real operation – something that is becoming increasingly important in light of forthcoming regulations such as Euro 7.
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