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    • Innovative overmolding technology makes lighter and more robust transmission control units
    • LEED certificate: Highest standards in terms of sustainability
    • Andreas Wolf, CEO: “We are systematically aligning our company to the growth market of electronics and electrification”

    “This high-tech plant is already showing what the factory of tomorrow will look like – intelligent, lean and green,” explains Dr. Hans-Jürgen Braun, Head of Operations
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    At its new plant in Debrecen, Hungary, Vitesco Technologies produces high-tech electronics and transmission sensor technology for all types of drive systems in an area of around 7,000 square meters – from all-electric vehicles to plug-in hybrid vehicles and electrified combustion engines.
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    One first large-scale production to be manufactured in Debrecen, is a control unit with the innovative overmolding technology.
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    The Overmolding technology not only makes control units more robust and lighter, it also requires considerably fewer production steps.
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