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    • Like a server, the Master Controller Motion delivers everything that makes the vehicle drive
    • The controller simplifies the E/E architecture in all powertrain topologies
    • Part of the software-driven concept is the possibility to integrate and update tested apps

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    new era of vehicle motion control
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    The many networked ECUs can be replaced by a single, high-performance controller. This way, the complexity of the connected stand-alone ECUs is transferred to the single controller. For this new E/E architecture, Vitesco Technologies is developing the Master Controller Motion (MCM).
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    The electrification trend leads to an increasing number of electronic control units in the vehicle.
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    Often, the software consists of million lines of code and is very complex.
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    The E/E architecture of the drive faces transformation. The new approach combines the individual controllers in one very powerful control device (UP integration) – the Master Control Motion (MCM).
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    The Master Controller Motion enables the OEM to reduce the complex vehicle architecture and save costs. This is the future of powertrain.
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