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Press Release

Vitesco Technologies develops Master Controller for a new era of vehicle motion control

  • Like a server, the Master Controller Motion delivers everything that makes the vehicle drive
  • The controller simplifies the E/E architecture in all powertrain topologies
  • Part of the software-driven concept is the possibility to integrate and update tested apps

Regensburg (Germany), March 23, 2021. Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, supports a future trend in powertrain control with a new type of controller. The growing number of electrified powertrain topologies plus a constantly growing number of functions are making the current practice of allocating each function to a separate electronic control unit (ECU) overly complex. As a result, the electric and electronic architecture (E/E architecture) of the vehicle powertrain is beginning to change.
A new approach is to replace the many networked ECUs by a single, high-performance controller. This way, the complexity of the connected stand-alone ECUs is transferred to the single controller. For this new E/E architecture, Vitesco Technologies is developing the Master Controller Motion (MCM).
„The current complexity of many networked stand-alone ECUs in the drivetrain domain can be better managed with a central controller and by software. For that purpose, you have to develop the future hardware so that it matches the requirements of the software and is scalable. This is what we do with the Master Controller Motion. Like a small server, it delivers everything that makes the vehicle drive. Single functions can be flashed onto the MCM individually, and they can be updated at any time. Because it is a single component, the MCM is easier to integrate into the vehicle than a whole ECU network. This is the future of the powertrain.“
– Wolfgang Breuer, Executive Vice President Electronic Controls business unit at Vitesco Technologies

Innovative tool for powertrain app integration 

The technological foundation for this up-integration trend is the electronics know-how. This part of the corporate DNA is a legacy from the efficient and extremely reliable engine and transmission ECUs for vehicles with a combustion engine. This legacy of microelectronics expertise from many generations of engine and transmission ECUs is now the indispensable foundation for the oncoming challenges. One thing, however, is new: With the MCM, it is the software that rules what the hardware needs to offer.
„As soon as the powertrain complexity is transferred to a single scalable hardware device, you can greatly simplify the E/E architecture in this domain.“
– Markus Hackelsperger, Head of Product Group Management Electronic Products
Through its architecture, the MCM open-up new possibilities. For instance, the Vitesco Technologies MCM contains a technology that allows integration of individual sub-functions – also over-the-air – very much like an app, thus establishing an individual function mix as per MCM. “Tested embedded apps can be installed individually for each vehicle with this technology. Also, individual apps can be updated at any time, for instance, when a charging standard changes,” according to Hackelsperger.
With this concept, Vitesco Technologies is heralding a new technical era, enabling powertrain control to be kept up-to-date over the car’s complete service life and to even increase its functional content.
„It is a very demanding technology, for which we have harnessed our expertise in segregating functions on a temporal level and on a spatial level. This is a direct legacy from previous complex engine and transmission ECUs.“
– Gerd Winkler, Development Lead Electronic Architecture & Software Platforms
The spatial separation of functions is already integrated in the most recent AUTOSAR* release, masterminded by Vitesco Technologies. “Yet, temporal separation is even more demanding and is a technology we’ve developed in-house.”

new era of vehicle motion control

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Another thing that is already ongoing at Vitesco Technologies is the development of zone controllers, which execute MCM commands on an intermediate E/E architecture level. Together, both scalable controller types cover the entire scope of future drivetrain E/E architecture requirements in the vehicle.

*AUTOSAR Classic Release R20-11 from November 2020

Press Material

Electronics activate the electric motor, coordinates all commands initiated by the accelerator pedal, plays an integral part in charging and energy management as well as the management of the high-voltage electrical system. It also acts as an interface to the other control units inside the vehicle.
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The E/E architecture of the drive faces transformation. The new approach combines the individual controllers in one very powerful control device (UP integration) – the Master Control Motion (MCM).
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The Master Controller Motion enables the OEM to reduce the complex vehicle architecture and save costs. This is the future of powertrain.
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The many networked ECUs can be replaced by a single, high-performance controller. This way, the complexity of the connected stand-alone ECUs is transferred to the single controller. For this new E/E architecture, Vitesco Technologies is developing the Master Controller Motion (MCM).
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The electrification trend leads to an increasing number of electronic control units in the vehicle.
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Often, the software consists of million lines of code and is very complex.
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